Messenger Bags for Men in 2017

The Ultimate Buying Guide

So you saw a man, on your way to office, fashioning a cool canvas messenger bag. And it totally caught your attention.

messenger bagsIn awe, you unconsciously mumbled, “Wow, that’s amazing. I wonder how I would look with such bag?”

Minus the animated tone of the mentioned scenario, fact is, a man with a beautiful messenger is a sight to behold. He looks cool, super stylish and inimitable in the crowd of hoodie-laden men

No wonder, the feminine phrase ‘man bag’, that once drew laughter few decades back, is held high on the fashion scene today. Messenger bag for men is in mainstream in 2017.

And if you’re looking to take a plunge into this trend, that frankly has been on upscale for a couple of years now, welcome aboard.

Thousands of fashion forward men are already here—and we’ve been waiting for you all along.

From Then to Now: Journey of Messenger Bags for Men

From an outcast to a fashion go-to, men messenger bags have come a long way.

While few years back only a handful of varieties were available given their undermined utility, it has taken a 360 spin today with plethora of variations swarming the shelves of shopping destinations, thanks to high style stake among next-generation men.

Big, large, laptop-specific, leather or tactical messenger bag, you will find just about any and every variety to suit your distinct need, requirement and taste.

Meaning, no more do you have to carry that colorful J Crew messenger bag to your office or that vintage range to an outing with your BFF.

Avoiding the (deadly) mismatches, you can easily strike the perfect balance between your bag and apparel to pull a dashing appearance, giving new fashion goals to the onlookers.

20 Best Messenger Bags for Men

(…That You Must Buy. Today)

Bags NameDimensionsPriceBuy Now
Tumi Beale1.3 x 11.4 x 10 inches$245.00Tumi Buy Now
Mission Workshop --$185.00Mission Buy Now
Deathly Hallows15 x 6 x 11 inches$23.99deathly Buy Now
Calvin Klein18.5 x 13.5 x 4.2 inches$99.30Buy Now
Xstreet Mens16.9 x 13.1 x 2.4 inches$38.00Buy Now

1. Tumi Beale Mini Messenger – Compact With Higher Accessibility For ‘Everyone Busy’

Tumi Beale Mini Messenger

A class in itself that exudes causal feels, this is a foremost choice for many thanks to its compact design. Moreover, coming from Tumi, a highly trusted brand, it has quality packed in assurance.

Approximately of 10″ H x 11.25″ W x 1.25″ D in size, Tumi Beale Mini Messenger bag has a single adjustable strap of 15-30″ drop. It is made of sturdy material, including ballistic nylon and polyester, which promises to last very long. To that, even with easy accessibility of items inside, it is highly secure with foldable flap that has double magnetic closure.

Its interior features padded walls with zip and magnetic pockets. The exterior has zip-around organizer pocket under flap and back slip pocket.

Kept aside all its delights, there are few drawbacks of Tumi Beale Mini Messenger that might be a problem to few buyers. The bag is quite small. So you can’t really carry too much of stuffs in it. While the spruce color is pretty in itself, it might not complement every activity and individuals’ appearance.

• Lightweight and easy to carry
• The items inside can be accessed easily
• Your phones, headphone and other utility can easily fit inside
• Perfect for casual purpose
• Sturdy material that will last longer
• 5 Years warranty period
• 90-days return policy
• Too small to fit lots of items
• Limited compartments
• Can’t carry to office and other professional setup
• No color variations
 If this messenger bag for men seems like a good fit for you, its available on amazon. 

2. Mission Workshop Rummy Messenger Bag- Redefining Style That Will Last Longer

Mission Workshop Rummy Messenger Bag

This bag has long been the go-to for many young men who are looking for something more that just compact.

Recognized for its ruggedness, The Rummy is one of the most durable bags you will ever own. It mirrors a perfect blend of classic and contemporary flavor that makes it ideal for all purpose and event.

It has two exterior quick-access cargo pockets and four internal zipped pockets that make organizing your stuffs very easy. Completely waterproof, it can fit up to 15” laptop in its compartments rather easily.

To that, it has a detachable cross-chest stabilizer, which means it can be used in “roll top” mode and in the traditional “flap down” configuration.

Most importantly, Mission Workshop Rummy Messenger Bag comes in various different solid colors, right from light blue to red to gray and black.

Kept aside its beamy specifications, the bag, although labeled classic roll-top messenger, is far from classic. The construction looks old school but with a modern design that might not necessarily suit to everyone. To that, it also looks a bit bulky on sides; and chances are it might feel heavy when stacked with too many things.

• Casual and stylish looking
• Many color variations available
• Large space and can store many items comfortably
• Easy to carry around
• 100 percent waterproof
• Made of quality material, it’s sturdy and can last for years to come
• Might feel bulky
• Not ideal to carry everywhere, like office
• The items inside aren’t quickly accessible
 Looks great, this messenger bag? It is! Thousands of men around the world, with peculiar taste in quality, already have this with them. It’s time for you to purchase. 

3. Deathly Hallows Heavyweight Canvas Messenger Bag

Deathly Hallows Heavyweight Canvas Messenger Bag

For all the Harry Potter fans, it couldn’t get better. The exclusive Deathly Hallows Heavyweight Canvas Messenger Bag is to proudly display your allegiance with the biggest (and most awesome) fandom ever. Although very cool and super stylish, it’s just as useful; so you get the best value for your money.

The bag is made of 100 percent cotton canvas that has a soft but sturdy base. The handcraft antique brass hardware, along with genuine leather closing flaps on the top flap, adds to its security that ensures items stored inside remains safe all the time. At large, the bag dons a vintage feel, assuring a dashing appearance with an urbane feel to all.

Although looking compact, the bag is decently large to carry all your important items adequately. In size, it measures in 12.5 x 11 x 3.5 inches. The shoulder/cross body handle can extend up to 47 inches that makes it carrying around very easy and convenient.

On the flip side, although the bag can fit heavier items, it might feel bulky when carrying around. To that, there isn’t any pocket on the front, and there aren’t many compartments; keeping things inside organized is difficult.

• Vintage and stylish in look
• Ideal to carry in all formal and informal situation
• Spacious and strong enough to carry heavy items
• Comfortably adjusted straps that makes carrying it around easy
• 2 cool variants available (Khaki-black and olive-black)
• Safe and secure to keep important documents
• 90-days easy return policy
• Fewer compartments that makes organizing a bit difficult
• Might feel bulky when packed with too many items
• Requires maintenance; regular wash may limit its longevity
 If you’re a Harry Potter fan or are looking for a cool messenger bag for school, Deathly Hallows Heavyweight Canvas Messenger is an ideal pick for you. 

4. Calvin Klein Men's Coated Canvas Messenger Bag

Calvin Klein Men's Coated Canvas Messenger Bag

Admittedly, a Harry Potter inspired messenger bag might not necessarily be a foremost choice for an office-goer. To those who are looking for a more polished and professional appearance, they can’t get anything better than Calvin Klein Men’s Coated Messenger Bag.

This one is as classy as it gets—one of the topmost choices for professionals. It is made using premium quality leather. It has faux-leather trims at the base, buckled strap closure and Calvin Klein logo patch that adds to its appeal. The shoulder or cross body strap is easily adjustable that makes it carrying anyplace very convenient. The magnetic closure underneath buckle adds to it a layer of protection.

Sturdy in construction and sophisticated in design, it exudes a timeless feel. In true sense, this is one of the best laptop messenger bags for men that come in two standard colors: black and fatigue. In size, it measures 18.5 x 13.5 x 4.2 inches.

Said already, it is for professionals. Meaning, aside for official purpose, the bag might not necessarily be a darling for other occasions. Plus, weighing 2.2 pounds, it can feel heavy sometimes when stacked with too many items.


• Formal and beautiful looking
Two variants available to match different style preferences
• Constructed using high quality material; the base is very strong
• Will last very long
• Adjustable strap that makes it very comfortable to carry
• Have multiple compartments to keep you organized
• Very safe and secure


• Will feel heavy when carrying
• Ideal for only official purpose
• No quick-access external pockets

 If you go to office and need a grand home for your expensive laptop, Calvin Klein Men’s Coated Canvas Messenger Bag might just be the piece you need. 

5. Xstreet Men’s Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag

Xstreet Men Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag

If you want a formal appearance but with a fashionable touch, this bag would do the right justice with your preference.

Vouching to add to your formal appearance, it is – much more than just a laptop bag – an ultimate go-to for every working professional. Even if you’re just an entry-level employee, it promises to transcend you into a boss that gives fashion goals, in office, to all.

The Xstreet Men’s Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag is made of soft, smooth, high quality PU leather. It has a polished finishing and very sturdy, anti-dirt base that oozes grandness on every front. Weighing at 4.1 lb, it touts a large size of 16.3 x 6 x 12 inches. Ideal to fit even the largest of your laptops, it has 3 main compartments, along with 1 front slip pocket, 1 rear zip pocket and multi-functional storage area.

While it can be carried comfortably as briefcase, there’s also a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap that adds to its convenience.

Looking away from its glossy features, the bag does have marginal flaws. It is heavy and might feel bulkier when packed with heavier items inside. To that, it’s too classy to use anywhere else other than for your official chores.


• Good looking (perfect for official use)
• Comfortable to carry
• Very spacious
• Multiple compartments that make organizing your stuffs easy
• Made of premium material that makes it highly durable
• Strong and anti-dust base that’s strong enough to counter any damage
• Very safe and secure


• It is heavy
• No color variations available; just black
• Cannot be used in causal setup

 If you’re a working professional, looking to add panache to your appearance, Xstreet Men’s Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag is your go-to. 

6. Brooks England Leather Satchel- Best Biking Bag

Brooks England Leather Satchel

If you’re more than just an office-goer, with an active life who digs biking, this piece is a perfect choice for you.

Brooks England is one of the topmost makers of bags for men, established in the late 1900s. So, anything from them bounds to be mesmerizing, including this one— a ‘Barbician’ leather satchel that flaunts flamboyance at its best.

The gorgeous bag, although with a typical leather flavor, displays a perfect blend of ruggedness. Its standout feature is the adjustable shoulder strap that can double as a belt. Meaning, you can easily wear it around your waist during any sporty activity, like biking. It’s just as good for your adventures as for your official chores. (More for the former one though.)

The interior is well fitted that has several compartments along with a cool detachable pouch. The base is very sturdy that can easily take on any external force, successfully intacting the original charm of this leather satchel for men.

Not everything is grand-esque though. The opulence feel of the bag jinxes with no variations available. It only comes in brown color. To that, with no compartments and panels on the exterior, accessing what’s stored inside could be hassling and time-consuming.


• A beautiful, glossy finishing
• Strong base material
• Lightweight
• Very easy to carry thanks to its unique construction and adjustable straps
• Strong base that delivers higher sustainability
• From laptops to smartphone to headphones, you can fit in it a range of utilities
• 100 percent safe and secured


• No variations available
• Take time to access items inside
• Needs moderate maintenance

 Rarely do we see a sporty messenger bag reflect a classic touch as perfectly as this one. It’s a masterpiece that active men deserve. Get it! 

7. Filson Original Briefcase- Sporty and classy

Filson Original Briefcase Sporty and classy

For all those who are fashionably brief with an all-round flavor in their appearance, you have now found the right match for you.

Uniqueness is the biggest USP of this messenger bag. With its distinct individuality, the bag is suave in every sense—a meant to be for every fashion-forward men who loves to stand out of the crowd.

Coming in tan color with a black strap, the bag is made of one of the finest quality materials, including American-sourced saddle-quality bridle leather, which is completely waterproof, well-built and very tough. Meaning, single investment here vouches you a long term fashion value.

With the dimension of 16” W x 12.5” H x 4” D, the bag has two stock pockets, two interior dividers, two interior utility pockets, one interior slotted pocket, and one interior patch pocket. It can fit a wide range of your utilities rather comfortably, including a 15 inch laptop. The removable and easily adjustable 46” shoulder strap makes it easy to carry around everywhere. Add to this the custom cut YKK zipper closure and storm flap closure that provides extra security, this messenger bag speaks sumptuousness from every angle. But…

The number of options here is rather limited that might put off many people looking for varieties. Although spacious, carrying around too many items might feel bulky and heavier.


• Very stylish looking
• Ideal for a wide range of users (from school-goers to working professionals)
• High quality material that has a very strong base
• Very tough that won’t get damaged for years
• Many compartments, highly organized
• Very spacious
• What’s inside remains completely safe


• Limited variation available
• Slightly weighty
• Not-very comfortable straps

 If the conventional varieties don’t suit your cravings, this unique messenger bag for men is a faultless piece for you. 

8. Mygreen Canvas Cross Body Messenger Bag- An ultimate lifestyle bag

Mygreen Canvas Cross Body Messenger Bag

If you’re someone who loves to keep a sporty appearance without giving up your suave feels, perhaps this cross body messenger bag – a rather different variety in this whole list – is the suitable choice for you.

Mygreen messenger bag for men looks sporty and rugged. But its overall construction and its eccentric color variants make it look old-school. Measuring 10.6” x 14.1” x 4.4” in size, it is made using premium quality, high density canvas material with leather decoration. The adjustable strap is carefully designed with the softest base that makes carrying it around very easy.

The bag is multi-functional with plenty of compartments and panels to satiate the organize-freak inside you. It has one zipper pocket in the front flap, along with one zipper pocket and one open pocket under the flap. Also with two side pockets, its main compartment has many zipper pockets and a dedicated laptop pocket.

However, even with seemingly many compartments, the bag is a tad small. You can’t really fit your large laptop and tablets inside. Although it has a comfortable shoulder strap that promises to make carrying it easy, the strap itself is very wide to hang it around one shoulder. It could look a bit awkward.


• Very stylish
• Multi-purpose (take it to school, dating, shopping and cycling)
• Sturdy material that provides high protection
• Very durable
• Many compartments to be very organized
• Many color and style variants available
• Water resistant


• Small in size
• Less comfortable to carry
• Flimsy buckles on the top flap

 For all those looking for a good lifestyle bag that fits in their distinct and light needs of daily chores, Mygreen canvas cross body messenger bag is more than a good choice. 

9. Pacsafe Metrosafe LS250 Messenger Bag- A High Security Bag

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS250 Messenger Bag

For all those who put fashion on the backseat and security at the forefront, there isn’t anything better than this one in the market.

The Pacsafe Metrosafe LS250 Messenger Bag is all about security (and class). Sturdy in construction with stronger base, it packs cutting-edge anti-theft technologies – including lock about security clip and smart zipper – that assure 100 percent protection. Also, on the front, it has RFIDsafe blocking that provides security to your IDs and credit cards from hacker scanning.

Although comparatively larger in size with a dimension of 13.8 x 10.2 x 4.3 inches, the messenger bag is light in weight (just 1.3 pounds). It is made using high-quality material that has hidden eXomesh slash-guard stainless steel wire mesh embedded inside to thwart-off any slash and run theft attempt.

Along with a main zippered compartment, it has front pockets, tablet-compatible sleeve, two side pockets and an adjustable, uber comfy strap.

Kept aside these appealing key features, one shouldn’t also look away from the flaws of is mens messenger bag. It’s good! But like mentioned already, it is security-centric with very less style value. The outlook is very simple that might look quite boring to the fashion-forward individuals.


• Highly secured with advanced protection features
• Strong construction material that assures high durability
• Spacey to fit even large laptops and all your utilities
• Available in various colors, including black, vintage red and sandstone
• Multi-purpose bag, ideal for your various needs
• Adjustable straps that makes carrying it very easy
• Extremely light in weight


• Not very stylish
• Requires regular care and maintenance
• Very small front pockets; requires time to access items inside.

 If you’re travelling to different cities and needs 100 percent security of all your belongings, Pacsafe Metrosafe LS250 is the best in the class. 

10. VICUNA POLO Business Messenger Bag- A Simple Bag For a Simpler You

VICUNA POLO Business Messenger Bag

So you’re one of those who love to keep things simple and classy? If yes, Vicuna Polo Business Messenger Bag is the foremost piece you should purchase today.

Made using superior quality PU leather, this bag is in its own class, redefining simplicity with great sophistication. Its simple front plaid patchwork design is the biggest USP that measures in 11 x 8.6 x 1.1 inches. Coming in black and brown color, it has an adjustable shoulder strap that allows the bag to be carried around conveniently.

The bag features one main compartment, one large outside pocket, one zipper inside pocket and some free pockets. Its flat shape and unique construction makes it lightweight without compromising in the internal space.

However, on the flip side, it has its own share of flaws. The cross body bag is small. When it comes to large gadget, it can only fit an 11 inch tablet, along with only a handful of your utilities like your wallet, smartphone and headphones. To that, its square shape might not necessarily appeal everyone.


• Classic touch with designer base
• Very light weight
• Adjustable shoulder straps
• High-quality leather material
• Very durable
• Multiple pockets; highly organized
• Very safe and secured


• Small in size
• Limited space
• Only 2 varieties available

 If you’re a working professional who loves to rock a neat and debonair appearance round the clock, Vicuna Polo Business Messenger Bag is all you need by your side. 

11. J World New York Thomas Laptop Messenger Bag- The Eccentric One

J World New York Thomas Laptop Messenger Bag

Not everyone loves to be a part of a crowd. Do you? If not, a classy or modern flavored men messenger bag might not necessarily fit your taste. This one will!

J World New York Thomas Laptop Messenger Bag has emerged to be a complete winner among thousands of fashion-champions. Unique in appearance with bold patterns and sophisticated designs, the brashness of this bag vouch to woo all those who do things out-of-the-box with “I don’t care” swag in the fashion end.

The stunning bag comes in many different varieties, in plenty of colorful options, right from vintage rose to leopard to poppy pansy. In size, it is of 17 x 13.5 x 6 inches, weighing about 1.4lb. It is made using 600D water resistant polyester, PU-coated, PVC free fabric.

With padded laptop sleeve, spacious main compartment front pocket with organizer and two multi-purpose side pockets, the bag can fit in more than you can ask for. The interior is fully lined for added longevity. Add to these the padded adjustable strap with double release buckle closure, it not only is very easy to carry around but also is equally secured.

Beyond all the gleam and glam though, this J World New York Thomas Laptop Messenger Bag might be just too bold to carry in formal setups. Since large in size, it’s slightly heavier in weight. Plus, the polyester material might not necessarily last very long.


• Bold, eye-catchy and stylish
• Large size, very spacious
• Multiple varieties available
• Easy to carry around, thanks to unique construction and adjustable straps
• Water-resistant base
• Multiple compartments


• Slightly weighty
• Very informal
• Might not last long when used roughly

 This is one of the best messenger bags for school and college that will elevate your panache to new heights. Whether you go to school yourself or have a son in need of quality bag, purchase J World New York Thomas Laptop Messenger Bag. 

12. Flip and Tumble Cross Body Messenger Bag- Finding style in simplicity

Flip and Tumble Cross Body Messenger Bag

Many people find marvel in simplicity—are you one of them? If you love to keep things straightforward and dig a free appearance, you don’t need a vintage or modern messenger bag. You require Flip and Tumble.

The Flip and Tumble cross body messenger bag is an eye candy, a big rage this past summer. Speaking grand with its minimalism, it vouch all the casual lovers a dashing appearance in any and every setup. 12 x 12.5 inches in size with 4.5 inch gusset, it features a long and adjustable strap of 48inch that adds to its casual flavor.

The cool messenger bag for men can easily fold into a small pouch. And when open, the pouch can snap into the inside of the bag that can further be used as an interior pocket. It is made using 100 percent rip stop nylon which is easily washable. The base is very sturdy that, with proper care, guarantees to last quite long.

Although the bag is quite amazing, its material can feel a bit less than premium in every touch. It doesn’t have any pocket; so things could get quite unorganized. Also, upon packing with large number of items, it can feel very bulky due to its square construction.


• Casual, sporty and stylish
• Multi-purpose; you can use it when travelling, biking and even going to the gym
• Multiple colors available, from dark blue to red
• Large in size; can store a lot of items
• Easy to wash and take care
• Strong base that promises higher durability


• Not-so-premium appearance
• Not ideal for formal setups
• Feels bulky after packing

 If you’re looking to redefine your style stance with cool and casual flavors, nothing beats the flamboyance of Flip and Tumble cross body messenger bag. 

13. Chrome Unisex Kadet Nylon Sling Messenger Bag- A Premium Choice

Chrome Unisex Kadet Nylon Sling Messenger Bag

If you’re someone who would stay in the line for days to get iPhone X first – because that’s how much you love premium items – this shoulder bag for men is an ultimate go for you.

Already loved by thousands of men around the world who have peculiar taste in quality, Chrome Unisex Kadet Nylon Sling Messenger Bag is the #1 choice in the premium class. With padded rear U-lock holster and YKK zippers, it is made using imported abrasion resistant 1050 denier nylon.

In specification, the bag size is 17 x 8 x 3 inches. It weighs 1.2 lbs. With an adjustable strap that features a quick-release seatbelt buckle closure, it also has micro compression loops to accommodate items of different sizes adequately. As opposed to other varieties in its category, the bag is much easier to carry thanks to its exceptional design.

At large, the back is classic but with a modern twist that gives it a premium outlook, making it ideal for various purpose, right from light business travel to the next city to packing all your utilities for the gym.

On the other hand though, the bag might fail to pull the strings perfectly for everyone. Its narrow shape might not necessarily appeal everyone. To that, carrying it around can be slightly awkward for many people. Additionally, while it is well organized with various panels and pockets, it isn’t too big to fit in your bigger items, including your laptop.


• Premium appearance with a sporty flavor
• Very easy to carry
• High-quality nylon material
• Very secure, thanks to advanced YKK zippers
• Quick to put on and take-off the shoulder
• Padded interior that assures longevity
• Lightweight
• Different color varieties available


• Have limited space
• Not suitable for everyone
• Might be awkward to carry

 If you’re looking for something sophisticatedly-sporty that looks premium and is away from clichéd varieties, Chrome Unisex Kadet Nylon Sling Messenger Bag is the right pick for you. 

14. Lug Shimmy Cross-Body Messenger Bag- Best Small Messenger Bag

Lug Shimmy Cross Body Messenger Bag

Small yet spacious enough, if you want a classical choice with modernized twist that looks premium but is affordable, Lug Shimmy Cross-Body Messenger Bag is your go-to. It touts high-definition features with the finest detailing that makes it the very best in its category.

The bag is made using polyester. It has wide zippers and magnetic flap pocket at the side, along with water bottle holder and cell phone pocket. It has fully adjustable channel-stitched shoulder strap that adds to its grandeur, making it very convenient, even when stack with items, to carry around. Add to that the RFID protection in front zip compartment that makes is equally safe and secure. The product size is 4.5 x 11 x 9.5 inches with the shipping weight of 13.4 ounces.

However, as appealing the choice is, this small messenger bag is really small—spacious but small. Meaning, you can’t really use it for say travelling when you would be needing to pack lots of stuffs. Also, the color options are limited; only midnight black and olive green variants are available.


• Beautiful looking with a blend of classic and contemporary flavor
• Very compact in size
• Multiple compartments and pockets; highly organized
• Polyester-made—high in quality
• Very durable
• Water resistant
• Extremely light in weight


• Small to fit large items like your 15 inch laptop
• Only 2 varieties available
• Cannot be used for many purpose—or in every setup

 If you want the best messenger bag that’s small in size, looks premium but is affordable, and have an attractive finishing, Lug Shimmy Cross-Body Messenger Bag is what you need. 

15. Serbags Military Style Messenger Bag- For a tough appearance

Serbags Military Style Messenger Bag

If you’re someone who loves to put their masculine side on display all the time, SERBAGS Military Style Messenger Bag vouches to add to your style with a dash of sophistication and confidence.

Known to bring the finest canvas messenger bags for men, the American brand Serbags brings you another masterpiece. This one features a military style rugged feel that blends in with the urbane flavor to make it even more outstanding and appealing.

The bag is made using superior quality cotton mixed fabric. The straps are made of genuine leather that has adjustable, antique finish brass metal buckles. Moderately heavy, it is quite comfortable to carry around the shoulders.

Measuring 15 x 12.50 x 4.20 inches in size, this bag has two large front pockets and two side pockets with strap. The unique stitching style and fine detailing further add to its ruggedness, making it a perfect choice for a tough appearance.

Although the bag itself is quite good, it doesn’t have any other variety available. And it is something that might put off many customers. To that, after several washes, it might lose its original charm. Also, it isn’t fully water resistant.


• Uber stylish with sporty finishing
• Multi-purpose bag
• Large in size; can fit all your items
• Very easy to carry around
• Multiple pockets and compartments; very organized
• Items packed inside remain safe


• Prone to damage
• Requires regular maintenance
• Not waterproof

 The Serbags Military Style Messenger bag oozes awesomeness from every angle. Crafted for men who love rough appearance, it’s highly stylish. 

16. Tiding Leather Handmade Messenger Bag- A Favorite Travelling Bag

Tiding Leather Handmade Messenger Bag

If it isn’t for your regular school and office purpose, and if you’re looking for a serious travelling messenger bag, this piece from Tiding is a perfect choice. It’s all about space and security, ensuring your every trip is happening with no compromise in the packing end.

This large messenger bag is made using cowhide leather that’s highly durable, touting 2mm thickness. Vintage in style, it has heavy-gauge metallic zip and magnetic snap closure that ensure maximum protection to items inside.

Not just spacey, the cross-body bag has multi-functional pockets – including main compartment, 4 slip pockets and multiple card slots – that make sure you’re organized all the time. Its adjustable strap that is easily detachable has a 55 inch drop; so you can easily rock it as cross-body or around should with comfort.

And the best part? It has a reserved hole for earpiece in the front magnetic pocket. So you can listen to cool music on the go while keeping your gadget completely secured inside the bag.

The biggest strength of this bag is also its biggest weakness. It’s large, which could look quite bulky once packed with all your items. Carrying it around shoulder could get uncomfortable. Also, it has a very simple and vintage look which might put off the casual-lovers.


• Large with plenty of space; perfect for travelling
• Made of high-quality material
• Very durable; will deliver you optimum value for your money
• Safe and secured, thanks to thick construction material and safety magnetic closure
• Multiple pockets to keep your organized
• Detachable straps; can be carried like a suitcase


• Will look bulky once packed
• Less comfortable to carry when heavy
• No variety available

17. Jack&Chris Handmade Leather Messenger Bag- For an old-school appearance

Jack&Chris Handmade Leather Messenger Bag

For all those men who find their style comfort in an old-school appearance, Jack&Chris handmade leather messenger bag is a match made in heaven. Its timeless design, immortalized by brown leather, packs marvel in abundance for the buyers. The base is of high quality, well adept to consume and survive external force; meaning, with proper care, it would easily last for very long.

In specific, the bag is made from 100 percent full-grain cowhide leather. Sleek in construction, its size reads 9.84 x 11.4 x 2.75 inches; and it weighs 1kg. Featuring fine stitching, superior lining and antique brass hardware, including magnetic snap closure, it has an adjustable strap that makes it carrying around even for long time very easy and convenient.

The bag has one main compartment, two inner slip pocket, one inner zipper pocket, one front slip pocket, and one rear zipper pocket; so what you pack remains completely organized inside.

However, its outlook exudes a ‘strict for business’ feel. It can’t be used for casual purpose. Plus, with limited space, you can’t pack too much inside like your 15 inch laptop. The bag is only good for light purposes, like for your office.


• Great looking with a times feel
• Light in weight that makes carrying around easier
• Highly organized with multiple pockets
• High-quality leather material that guarantees high durability
• Adjustable straps; ideal for men of all sizes
• 6 months warranty period with free return policy


• Small in size; not too much of space
• No other variety available
• Requires good care and maintenance for extended longevity

 If you want the best work bag that sweet, beautiful and very organized, Jack&Chris handmade leather messenger bag is a great choice. 

18. Pan Am Men’s Secret Agent Messenger Bag- For those who want something different

Pan Am Men’s Secret Agent Messenger Bag

Keeping it classy yet unique, Pan Am Men’s Secret Agent Messenger Bag is for all those who want to look different in the crowd of wannabes. Coming in many beautiful varieties, this bag is a great choice for your office purpose. It’s small in size, but not too small; have fewer pockets but enough to keep you organized.

With polyester lining, its outer shell is 100 percent polyvinyl chloride. The strong zipper closure, easier to access, vouches full security to items inside. In size, the bag is of 5 x 6 x 11 inches. It weighs around 1 pound.

Alongside two interior back wall zipper pockets, it also has two small exterior pockets. The shoulder strap of 38 inches is fully adjustable. The makers offer it in 2 different eccentric color variations, along with options even in size.

Putting it briefly, the bag is lightweight, beautiful looking and easy to carry around on the shoulder. However, there are few flaws that come on its way to the top. For once, it is small in size and isn’t ideal for travelling purpose. To that, its eccentric tone isn’t necessarily too appealing for all; at least for those reserved in style stance.


• Simple but unique in appearance
• Light in weight; easy to carry
• Different color and size options available
• Several compartments to be highly organized
• Easy to maintain with hand wash
• Sturdy zipper that provides high safety
• Adjustable straps that light and easier on shoulder


• Small in size to fit large items
• Too eccentric
• The construction material may not last very long in rough use

 If the mentioned varieties in this list have bored you till now, Pan Am Men’s Secret Agent Messenger Bag won’t. It’s unique in the men’s scene for those who dig different and sleek look. 

19. Defense Courier Diagonal Messenger Bag- A Go-to for the Wanderlusters

Defense Courier Diagonal Messenger Bag

Another exceptional one in the list – only much cooler (and roomier) – this is a man messenger bag designed to woo the wanderlusters in particular. Atoning a holiday feel with plenty of space to pack all your clothes and utilities, the Defense Courier Diagonal Messenger Bag is perfect if you travel on a regular basis.

The main material includes DuPont(R) 1000D Cordura(R) that ensures its strength and higher durability. The base is soft and quilted that gives it a premium feel. It has a thick, air-mesh backed strap with a modular MOLLE front; so you can either carry it around your shoulder or wear it like a pack.

Size-wise, the bag is large enough to pack adequately for your long excursions; of 21.1 x 13.3 x 6.2 inches. Even when big, the bag weighs much less than those in its category; just 3 pounds. It has multiple pockets and compartments that make organizing your items easier.

On the other hand, this bag requires great care to ensure it lasts longer. To that, it isn’t completely waterproof. Extended exposure to water can damp its material and eventually allow water pour inside.


• Very stylish with unique design
• Easy to carry thanks to adjustable strap and distinct construction
• Multiple varieties available
• Large in size; have plenty of space
• Have adequate number of compartments and panels
• Strong material and advanced zipper that provides maximum protection


• Needs care to last longer
• Isn’t waterproof
• Can be awkward for many to carry around

 Flying to different city or country soon? In need for a stylish and high quality bag? Few varieties can beat the Defense Courier Diagonal Messenger Bag. 

20. Code Alpha Computer Messenger Bag- More than just for computer

Code Alpha Computer Messenger Bag

To end the list, here’s a messenger bag that truly says ‘man’, thanks to the camouflage design. Although it is billed as a computer bag, this one is multi-functional. It has a tough and clean exterior with cute (removable) Molle pouches that makes it a complete eye-candy—very appealing.

Code Alpha Computed Messenger Bag is made of 100 percent polyester. Of 17.5 x 12.2 x 6 inches in size and weighing 3.8 pounds, it’s all about space. Whether you’re going on hiking or packing for a short trip to the next city, it can pack all your utilities, along with expensive gadgets, much adequately and safely.

You will find plenty of compartments and pockets in this bag. The main compartment is easily expandable; the MOLLE pouches outside are easily detachable; there are multiple gear and organization pockets, along with loops, to help you stay fully organized.

As big and spacious as this bag is, it could also feel much heavier when packed. Also, let’s admit it—camouflage isn’t the number one choice of all.


• Very spacious; can easily fit all your utilities
• Sturdy in construction; what’s inside remains complete safe
• Several camo options available
• Made of high quality material that ensures it lasts long
• Many compartments and pockets that keeps you well organized
• Adjustable strap that’s easier to carry
• Waterproof


• Heavy to carry
• Many would find the structure a bit odd
• Camoflague isn’t the best style today

 If you really want a messenger bag that screams “made for men”, you can’t go wrong with Code Alpha Computed Messenger Bag. 

These are 20 of the best men messenger bags in the market you can buy online today. None is perfect. They all have their own pros and cons.

Some are for those who love classic appearance, others are for casual obsessed. Some are specifically for laptops, others are for office. Some are for your daily light purpose, others are for more hefty needs like travelling.

How to Buy the Best Messenger Bag For Men?

As fantastic and flexible is it to have multiple options in mens messenger bags, it would also get too confusing too soon.

More so for those who don’t know much about this cool accessory and about ‘good’ fashion—for those who are making their first purchase.

Are you looking to buy one of the cool messenger bags? Don’t know how to make a right pick? Wondering if a variety is right for?

Relax. Take deep breathes. We’re here to help you.

Here are 8 tips to help you buy one of the men’s best messenger bags:

best messenger bags for men

  1. Identify your exact needs

You would never find something, unless you know what you’re looking for. And this is only possible if you’re aware of your exact needs and requirements.

So don’t go hunting for a bag unless you know exactly what you want. Answer these…

Why do you need a messenger bag? How you’re planning to use it? Is it just for your laptop? Are you going to carry it to the office? To school?

Answer to these questions will help you identify the kind of male messenger bags you require in the first place. Shopping would then become relatively easier.

  1. Shop at the right place

Not all stores offer the same variety, quality and at same price. So it is imperative that you pick a good shopping destination to buy from. Of course, this isn’t going to be plain and simple given every shop now claims to offer the “best collection”.

There’s a host of factor you must consider when picking a good online store to purchase your messenger bag, aside from your own needs, including their catalogue, discount offers, customer reviews, and more.

This step is quite important. So don’t hurry but take your time. Even when you’re making your purchase on Amazon, pick your seller (very) carefully.

  1. Avoid looking for the ‘cheapest’

It’s no secret that cheap price products are often compromised in quality. The tradeoff between quality and price is basic economics.

This doesn’t necessarily means that you should spend extravagantly on your messenger bag to get the best quality. Point is that you must avoid looking for the cheapest variety. Have an adequate and breathable budget.

Best messenger bags for men usually cost slightly higher—because of their premium quality, elevated style value and higher durability.Mission Messenger Bags

  1. Learn about few varieties

A learned customer is a happy customer.

The above saying is as true as it gets. So before you shop for anything, learn a thing or two about it so that you can make better and informed decisions.

In the market, you will find many types of messenger bags for men, like the briefcase, satchel, saddle, camera and laptop-specific, multi-pocket organizer and the vertical messenger bag.

When you know about such varieties, you would be able to tell well which one is right for you.

  1. Look for the right material

What material is the messenger bag made of plays a crucial role—in terms of its quality, longevity, price, and look.  Plus, it’s also a matter of own preference. So it’s quite a no-brainer that you are careful in this department when purchasing.

Depending on manufacturer to manufacturer, the materials may vary. However, leather, canvas and synthetic fabrics like nylon and vinyl are usually the most common here. For detailing purpose, the makers may decide to use some other materials.

Keep your eyes open here and your senses at peak.

  1. Pick a suitable size

Many buyers undermine this factor only to regret later. A large part of how a bag looks on you largely depends on your physical appearance.

If you’re a bit healthier, a small messenger bag would look out of place. Opposite is just as true. If you’re thin and short, a large variety would look rather awkward.

Also a large part here depends on your personal need. If you want messenger bags for school to carry lots of items, a small one would be inadequate, while for your office purpose, a big one would be unnecessary.

So pick the size of your messenger bag cautiously.

  1. Lookout for pockets and compartments

So engrossed in the quality and price, some people completely overlook the details. And the biggest and most important details here are the type and size of your messenger bag’s pockets and compartments.

Not only should you pick a piece that has beautiful external panels but also prioritize your original purpose for such bag.

Do you need a pocket to stack your water bottle? Do you require an MP3 player pocket? Would dedicated slots for pens be handy for you? Will zipper-pockets be more ideal for you or the button ones?

Answer these questions to make sure the details of your messenger bag are perfect and useful for you.

  1. Don’t get swayed by celebrities

We’ve seen the likes of John Mayer, Kanye West and Jay Z rocking cool satchels and men’s day bag effortlessly.

However, trying to copy their style could be the biggest mistake for you. Understand that you have your distinct individuality with unique personality, taste and requirement. What’s good for them might not necessarily be good for you.

So, don’t let celebrities and their choices in messenger bags sway your own purchasing decision. Get inspired from them but never copy.

These 8 tips would ideally help you find the best messenger bag men. Of course, implementing these tips won’t be easy. However, given it matters your money and look, the end reward is very well worth all the efforts.

To make things easier you, we’ve handpicked some of the very good, high-utility messenger bags that have done outstanding among thousands and millions of fashion-championed men. And they promise to work with just as charmingly for you (and your budget). Pick the right one(s) for you:

So, at the end, which one is the right pick for you really depend on what is your exact need and requirement. Do your research properly. And if confused, refer the above mentioned guide on how to buy the best messenger bag for men. Good luck!

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